Sean McCullough

My Background

I grew up in rural central Maryland. I attended Muhlenberg College, where I
studied with the intention of becoming a doctor. I initially worked in the
Biotechnology industry before beginning to advise clients on their financial
I began working at Morgan Stanley which eventually merged with Smith Barney.
During that time, I earned my Certified Financial Planner certification. After 17
years at the firm I decided that the business model I wanted to offer clients was
not compatible with the large Wall Street model. I believed that the fee only
model was the best way to deliver financial advice. I had like-minded partners in
Mike Janvrin and Debbie D’Annibale and together we founded Atlas Wealth

Why I chose this Profession

I enjoy trying to figure out complex problems. I view each client’s situation as a
puzzle with one of many possible solutions. My satisfaction is in helping clients
frame the picture of their puzzle and helping them assemble it. During this
process, I get to meet many interesting people and learn about their life stories.


Family Life

I live in Lititz, Pennsylvania with my wife Julie and our four children; Haley,
Ashton, Abigail and Gavin. I am actively involved in my daughter’s lacrosse
programs. As a spectator I support my daughter’s dancing and my son’s soccer
endeavors. I also enjoy golf, biking with my family and using my Green Egg to BBQ.

How I Advance My Knowledge

  1. I attend industry conferences.
  2. I converse with institutional money managers