Retirees / Approaching Retirement

Income Generation – You had hoped to retire on a portfolio of CDs. Then reality happened and your retirement planning got slightly more complicated. In the past, you were willing to accept the ups and downs of the stock market because you were focused on growing your nest egg. Now, you need that nest egg to generate your income – but how? With bonds yielding little and interests rates near all-time lows, it’s more complicated than ever. You could call your stockbroker for a hot tip or come in and sit down with one of our income generation specialists who will create a plan tailor made for your risk tolerance, income needs and time horizon.

Family Wealth Planning – You’ve always been there for your children and through the years they have made you proud. Now you are thinking about the legacy you want to leave to them some day. It’s an exciting time, but you know that money can bring troubles as well as benefits. You want to make sure that sudden wealth will be a positive experience for them. But who will guide them? Who will help them to make sound financial decisions when you’re gone? Do you want to leave them in the hands of a salesperson or do they deserve something more?

Estate Planning – A lifetime of planning and saving is at stake. You had always hoped to leave money to your children, your grandchildren and perhaps a favorite charity. You have even made your wishes known to friends and family and even drew up a will. But have you done enough? As Certified Financial Planner(R) practitioners, we are trained to guide you through the sometimes complicated estate planning process. We will work with you to review important issues like account titling and beneficiary designations. We are happy to work with your attorney and accountant and if needed, we are happy to introduce you to our trusted associates for your legal and accounting needs.