Our Process

“How We Chart Your Course”

The Financial Planning Process

Discovery Meeting
  1. Define the engagement
  2. Discussion of goals
  3. Determine compatibility
  4. Identify resources
  5. Identify important issues
  6. Discussion of Philosophy
Charting the Course
  1. Analyze and evaluate the situation
  2. Develop and present the recommendations
  3. Define responsibilities
  4. Commit to a plan
The Journey
  1. Implement the Recommendations
  2. Monitor and Adjust based upon the plan
  3. Communicate results
  4. Update any client changes

The Investment Selection Process

Step 1Step 2Step 3

We screen investments based upon several broad characteristics. They include growth, income, and capital preservation. Each category has a different risk and reward expectation. These categories help us match the investments with client goals.

Our bias is toward value investing because this allows us to invest with a margin of safety. Investments are selected based upon one of the several different types of valuation analysis. These range from a very quantitative analysis of known financial statistics all the way to a qualitative analysis that attempts to identify unrecognized or misunderstood assets. Although volatility is typically equated with risk, we view risk as a permanent impairment of capital.

Our review of the investments is an ongoing process. Each investment is reviewed quarterly in order to ensure they are continuing to operate as per our expectations. Our expectation is built around their process rather than just price performance. Investment styles will go in and out of favor, however the process must remain consistent. New investments are reviewed as we discover them. All investments must meet our fiduciary standard.